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U2U has built up the last 18 years a huge amount of expertise in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Expertise they have always shared in the community. Below you can find a list of the blogs maintained by U2U trainers.

Blogging Frenzy

Looks like I started to blog a lot more lately, and so do a couple of my colleagues. Check out Nick’s blog: http://blogs.u2u.be/Nick/  And of course Kris’s blog: http://blogs.u2u.be/Kris/ Both of them have gone crazy with Extension methods… So should I?

Charting with WPF and Silverlight

Sometimes we need to decorate our WPF or Silverlight applications with things like bar charts or pie charts. There's no need to create these from scratch, since a lot of charting solutions are available, some of which are free while other are ... less free. On CodePlex you find the Silverlight Toolk... [More]

Static Reflection in .NET, part 2

A few weeks ago, I talked about static reflection and its advantages. You’ll remember that the main advantages, compared to the normal reflection API’s, are the compile time checking of parameters and IntelliSense support. How does it compare at other levels, performance for example? Before we dive... [More]

Cool! Copy as image in workflow foundation designer

Hey, I build slides a lot, so I like this cool feature in workflow foundation 4 designer (using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2): copy as image. If you need to copy a workflow (or part thereof this only works for the whole workflow, a pity, because you will want copy parts of your orchestration to a docu... [More]

WCF Streaming

1. Configuring and Tracing WCF can send messages in buffered mode and in streaming mode. The default is buffered mode, which means that the whole message needs to be transfered and received before the client can start processing it. When messages get too large to be send as one big blob and when t... [More]

Adding Error Handling to content based routing with WCF

Yesterday I blogged about content based routing with WCF. Today I want to talk about error handling. What if you route to a service that is not available. WCF allows you to define backup services using a backup list. So let’s do this: start by building a compatible backup service. In this case I wi... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 available today!

I’m downloading it as we speak. So please wait until I’ve done :) Oh, for the first couple of days the download is only available through MSDN subscriber download, but then MS will make it public for everyone. Today Microsoft announced a new (albeit beta 2) release of their flagship developer softw... [More]

Installing VS2010 Beta 2

So I’ve installed VS2010 today. Installation went quite well but you might want to uninstall the Silverlight 3 SDK because that gave an issue on my machine. The VS logo has changed colors: Usual license stuff… 5.6 Gb on disk required… And there we go… This took about half an hour on my ... [More]