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U2U has built up the last 18 years a huge amount of expertise in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Expertise they have always shared in the community. Below you can find a list of the blogs maintained by U2U trainers.

Using Workflow4 extensions

Workflow Foundation 4 allows you to add your own custom activities in code. You have a choice of CodeActivity, AsyncCodeActivity and NativeActivity.  CodeActivity is ideal if you want to add a simple activity that doesn’t block. AsyncCodeActivity is great if you need an activity that needs to d... [More]

An Office WPF Ribbon Control Walkthrough

The Microsoft WPF Ribbon control is a free control that brings the Office 2007 Ribbon features to your WPF applications. To get your hands on it, just follow the instructions on CodePlex. This article walks through the Ribbon features. I simply built "NotePad with a Ribbon". Here's how it looks like... [More]

Webcast on Parallel Computing

A couple of weeks ago, I did a webcast on Parallel Computing available on channel9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/adebruyn/MSDN-Live-Meeting-Visual-Studio-2010-and-NET-4-Update The presentation can  be downloaded at : ParallelComputing.pdf In addition, you can also download my demos  ... [More]