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U2U has built up the last 18 years a huge amount of expertise in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Expertise they have always shared in the community. Below you can find a list of the blogs maintained by U2U trainers.

The Slider’s Guide to the MVVM Galaxy

This article describes two behaviors of the native XAML Slider control that reduce the joy of using it in MVVM Windows 8 Store apps. We all agree that XAML is one of the nicest technologies to develop Windows 8 Store apps, right? We all agree that you should use MVVM to build XAML apps, right? No, w... [More]

Semantic Zoom and LINQ: Better Together

With this short article, I want to show you the easy way to provide data to a semantic zoom in a Windows 8 Store app. I’ve seen too many developers trying to massage their business data to make it consumable for a semantic zoom, by pulling it through custom implementations of IS... [More]