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U2U has built up the last 10 years a huge amount of expertise in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Expertise they have always shared in the community. Below you can find a list of the blogs maintained by U2U trainers.

Using SQLite in a Windows Store MVVM App

Some of my Windows Store Apps are desperately seeking for a local database. I was getting tired of waiting on Microsoft to release a SQL Express for WinRT - which as far as I know, was never planned. So I decided to test-drive SQLite: a free, technology neutral, self-contained, zero-configuration, t... [More]

Reusing Vector Graphics in Windows 8 Store Apps

The Flat Design paradigm and the related anti-skeumorphism movement make bitmap images less and less popular in today's apps and applications. Everywhere in the user interface, PNG's and JPG's are being replaced by crisp scalable light-weight vector graphics. In the XAML world these vector graphics ... [More]