.NET Framework Source Code to be Released

Last Wednesday, Scott Guthrie announced the release of the .NET Framework Library source code. "You'll be able to download the .NET Framework source libraries via a standalone install (allowing you to use any text editor to browse it locally). We will also provide integrated debugging support of it within VS 2008."

This is big news. It will allow those of us who case about quality to gain a deeper understanding of the frameworks, beyond what the MSDN library, google or even Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector can give us.

Before you get too excited though, it's worth mentioning that you're only allowed to view the source for documentation purposes and to use it for debugging your applications. You are not allowed to modify or redistribute it. But hey, that doesn't make it less useful!

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Using System.Web.Caching in Windows Applications

The System.Web.dll assembly contains a very complete caching infrastructure. It's easy to use in web applications, through the Cache property of a Page or a HttpContext. But did you know you can use this infrastructure in Windows applications as well?

Update: As it turns out, the web caching only really works in a stable way within a web application. Further testing proved me wrong. Sorry about that. I removed the code.

Security Technologies for .NET 2.0 Developers

I'll be teaching our security course again, in the week starting October 1. This course gives developers a detailed overview of all the security technologies in the .NET Framework and the underlying technologies. If you want to learn about methodologies for secure design and coding, Code Access Security, authentication techniques and role based authorization, cryptography and other techniques to protect .NET applications and systems, this course is for you. We'll explain different types of threats and attacks, with the techniques to mitigate them, and we'll dive deep into the code.

If you're interested, have a look at the course outline or enroll here.

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