Learning WPF

Jessica grouped a series of articles on learning WPF:

"Getting started in WPF

I’ve put together a series of articles on WPF, from a Windows Forms developer perspective.  This started out as a simple document entitled “So you know Windows Forms and you wanna learn Avalon” way before there was as much content out there as there is now.  I hope this twist in perspective is useful for folks.


Very special thanks to Mark Boulter for his content which has been incorporated into these articles.


Hope you have as much fun as I did learning WPF,

Jessica (AKA JFo)"



.NET 3.0 training today

Today I gave a training to 13 people about .NET 3.0. I recycled yesterday's session on WPF (there was only one person who already saw it yesterday - who got to do same extra labs) then went on with WCF and WF.

However, can you imagine training people in .NET 3.0 in a single day? I mean, it's very hard to give an overview of most of .NET 3.0's features in a single day...

What's .NET 3.0 anyway?

A lot of people are wondering if .NET 3.0 is a new version of .NET, and if they'll have to port their application from .NET 2.0.

Actually .NET 3.0 is a bunch of new things (WPF, WCF, WCS and WF) built ON TOP OF .NET 2.0. So anything you've built with .NET 2.0 will run normally on .NET 3.0.