Learn all about developing for UAC in Vista

Microsoft has this up for a couple of weeks, but I thought you might find it interesting.

"The Windows Vista Developer Story includes content for developers, and other technology experts and managers, interested in an in-depth exploration of some of the new and extended features in Windows Vista. It is released to the Windows Vista Developer Center in the form of brief articles, published approximately once every two weeks. Those articles are only a summary of the Windows Help file, which can be downloaded here. "

UAC seems to be very popular by the way, since Bart has a nice post on developing .NET apps for UAC, updating my old post on the same subject.

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Microsoft releases Oct CTP of Visual Studio Orcas

"This CTP targets early adopters of the Microsoft technology, platform, and tools offerings. It enables developers to experience the upcoming toolset and underlying platform improvements. We designed this release to enable developers try out new technology and product changes, but not to build production systems. This limitation is fully covered in the EULA that accompanies this CTP."



Don't miss this VISUG session tonight!

Wim Verhaegen is doing a session on "Security Development LifeCycle".

"The software industry has been struggling with how to create and release software that is more security-enhanced and reliable. The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) provides a methodology that works; it is a critical way to help reduce the number of security defects in code at every stage of the development process, from design to release. When compared to software that has not been subject to the SDL, software that has undergone the SDL has experienced a significantly reduced rate of external discovery of security vulnerabilities. During this presentation Wim Verhaeghen will introduce you in the process of developing software that needs to withstand malicious attack."


WPF Styles article on MSDN.BE

Gill Cleeren wrote this nice article on Styles and Triggers in WPF

"Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF, previously known by its code-name “Avalon”, is an all-new presentation framework included in Windows Vista. WPF is also available for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1 as part of the .NET Framework 3.0. WPF consists of numerous new technologies that as a whole provide a unified programming model for applications that will run standalone or inside a browser. In this article, we will focus on the aspect of styles and triggers.

Styles make it possible to create applications with a uniform look and with a high level of maintainability. Triggers allow WPF styles to change one or more properties in response of a user interaction. In this document, we will use both these technologies to create a richer user experience."


Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements

Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements are a set of Visual Studio extensions that are designed to make you more productive. These enhancements are directly integrated into the Visual Studio IDE. This set of enhancements includes Source Code Outliner, Visual C++ Code Snippets, Indexed Find, Super Diff and Event Toaster tools. All these tools except the IDE Event Toaster can be invoked from Visual Studio’s View.OtherWindows menu group. The Event Toaster tool can be configured from the Tools Options dialog under the PowerToys node. The Visual C++ Code Snippets can be invoked on any C++ source file. Previously, these enhancements were only available via the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. This installation does not require Visual Studio 2005 SDK.

Source Code Outliner : The Source Outliner tool is a Visual Studio extension that provides a tree view of your source code's types and members and lets you quickly navigate to them inside the editor.

Visual C++ Code Snippets:The Visual C++ Code Snippets tool lets you insert snippets in your code by using a pop-up menu that contains programming keywords. VB.NET and C# languages have this functionality in Visual Studio 2005.

Indexed Find : The Indexed Find tool is a Visual Studio extension that uses the Microsoft Indexing Service to provide improved Search capabilities to the integrated development environment (IDE). It sends the results of a search to the Output Window.

Super Diff Utility: The Super Diff Find tool is a Visual Studio extension that compares text files. It uses color coding and graphics to show the difference between the files in deleted text (red), changed text (blue), inserted text (green).

Event Toaster Utility: The Event Toaster tool is a Visual Studio extension that notifies users about specific events within the Visual Studio IDE.



Asus dreams up modular PC of the future

"Asus has shelved plans to develop the PC of the future - literally. The Taiwanese vendor's Green PC concept computer, shown to Reg Hardware this week, is just that: a shelf. And some clever wireless connectivity and non-contact inductive power source"

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Windows Vista RC2 is here! Installing the SDK

Vista RC2 is probably the last public drop of Vista before it goes RTM. This build contains updated drivers, and yes, finally my Tecra M4 plays video's without problems (no hickups, etc...). Now to the interesting problem: installing the SDK and VS integration...

Since there is no official SDK available for RC2 (yet), I've tried installing the Sep 2006 SDK, and I must say, works like a charm! Visual Studio integration too. Although I might be a little too early, there is a lot to test :)

Next on my list is intalling Camtasia and recording a session on WPF, which I want to make public.

An evening with Kurt Claeys

Yesterday Kurt Claeys gave a presentation on Workflow Foundation for Visug.

I must say I found it very interesting, especially his last demo using a television workflow :)

Expect his slides and demos on the visug website shortly.

Or even better, read his article recently published on WF!