Power to developers: Expression Blend & Web available on MSDN

Good news for us developers: Microsoft will make Expression Blend and Expression Web available to all Premium MSDN subscribers!

Many of us have been arguing with MS that the above Expression tools are just as important to developers as to designers, and MS agrees.

More information can be found on Soma's blog, and also here

Finally I can start using Expression Blend for our WPF training! Previously I didn't want to use a tool which might not be available to developers...

Geek Bowl @ Ghent

So yesterday we went bowling with a bunch of fellow developers (no ladies ?!) and we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately during the second game there was one of Ghent's infamous power outages (and I was winning!).

Result: we left the bowling arena prematurely, and some of us decided to paint the town…

Next time better; we'll bring our own power generator J

WPF DataBinding Explained @ DevDays

Today I gave a presentation on WPF databinding during the Belgian Developer Days.

I think everything went well, every demo worked as planned, and I finished on time (so everyone had their lunch on time, very important J).

As promised you can find the slide deck here and the demos here.

You'll need to install the Northwind sample database before some of the demos will work, and update the connection string of course.

Moved to Sharepoint blog!

Hi, back in action.
I stoped blogging because we were going to move to sharepoint as our blog engine, and you can see the result here.
Our old .Text blog had too many problems with spam, especially cleaning out spam (we had to do three clicks (and roundtrips) for each spam entry, which would take a loooong time...