Installed Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

So, I've installed beta 2 of my developer tools of choice; couple of things to note:

READ the readme file, it contains a couple of updates you need to uninstall if you've had .NET 3.5 on your machine before.

I've also found a fix to make Blend work nicely (build etc) with VS2008 in there!


READ Scott's blog:

And don't forget to fix SvcUtil.exe; Microsoft forgot to sign it J Thanks Joval Lowy and Justin Smith!

>> Run Sn.exe –Vr SvcUtil.exe on a command prompt (VS!).

>> On my computer I found SvcUtil in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin


Changing Certificate ACL’s the easy way

While playing around with WCF's security, I stumbled on an easy way to change a certificate's ACL using MMC.EXE

So start MMC.exe and add the certificate's snap-in:

This will now list all your certificates (depending on the store you selected).

Now right-click your certificate and choose Manage Private Keys…

This will open up the permissions screen; I've added NETWORK SERVICE to allow a WCF service to read the certificate:

This does beat the hell out of using the FindPrivateKey.exe tool and then using CACL XXX /E /G NETWORK SERVICE:R