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New CAML Builder Feature Version Released

I am pretty excited about this new version of the CAML Builder Karine created and released yesterday. There are many enhancements that you are probably going to like. You can read all about these in her latest blog posting. I definitely like the ability to immediately copy and paste the code snippet for the execution of the CAML query that is constructed. Lovely! And of course also the support for complex queries with date and times, as well as recurring items (very useful with events).

Anyway.. download it, test it, let us know if we are missing something. We still have plenty of ideas for a next version but if you have some, let us know. Kuddos to Karine for doing all of the work!

Italian SharePoint Conference 2008

Just had a wonderful four-day city trip in Rome with the girls. It was warm, busy with all of the tourists but the buildings and sights were awesome. Was my first trip to Rome and it is definitely a city to visit in your life time. My oldest daughter studies Latin so she really enjoyed all of it. The next two weeks I'll be at home in Cyprus enjoying the very hot weather here.

Just want to remind all of the readers from Italy that there is a great SharePoint conference in October in the beautiful city of Milan. I was there last year, had a great time (with the Bamboo guys) and could not resist the question to go back and deliver a couple of sessions. Ted P. will also be there to be part of the show.

Have a look at their site and the list of sessions. Most of them are in Italian. Ciao!

U2U SharePoint Job Definition Configurator

Some months ago I needed to develop a custom timer job for a customer. That time I learned a lot from this post of Andrew Connell.

When the timer job ran in test, we used an SPMinutesSchedule. But after some time, the job needed to be deployed in production. So I had to change the code in the FeatureReceiver event to have a weekly schedule. So I came to the idea of developing an application page in which you can configure and reschedule job definitions.

You can download the feature here. (A small remark: when deploying the solution using the delivered setup, be sure to only leave the Central Administration web application checked).

You can access the application page from a custom section in the Operations page of the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.


The page looks like the following:


In the first section you can choose the web application for which you want to configure a timer job. The dropdown list in the Job Definitions section is populated with the job definitions running on the selected web application.

The third section is an idea I got from Andrews article. In general jobs run for a complete web application. But this feature makes use of the SharePoint object property bag so that you can configure a custom timer job to run for one or more site collections of the selected web application.


If you schedule a job for a specific site collection, you have to add some extra code within your custom timer job, otherwise it will continue running for the whole application:


Before you can use the U2U.SharePoint.Administration.JobConfigurationSettings class, you have to add a reference to the U2U.SharePoint.JobDefinitionConfigurator.dll, which is deployed in the 12\TEMPLATE\ADMIN\U2U.SharePoint.JobDefinitionConfigurator\bin folder:


Remark: This means that the option of running a job for a specific site collection doesn't apply to standard SharePoint jobs!!

In the 4th section you can choose a schedule. If the selected job is already scheduled, the next occurrence date and the current schedule is displayed:


You can also enable/disable a timer job.

If you want to learn more about developing custom timer jobs:

- read the MSDN article: Creating Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

- look at the Visual How-To: Creating, Deploying, and Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

both from andrew connell. Andrew, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

This feature contains resources: all strings can be translated into your language. The resource files are deployed to the 12\Resources directory and are retrieved using the SPUtility.GetLocalizedString. Thanks to Renaud Comté for  helping me out with the resources.

You can read more about localization of strings here:

- Localisation des développements avec SharePoint

- Expression Builder et localisation

U2U Site Properties Feature: new version released...

This feature adds an hyperlink to the Settings page of your SharePoint site. When clicking it, a page with detailed information about the site properties is displayed.

U2U Site Properties

You can read detailed information about this feature here.

You can download the feature here.

 Remark: The U2U Site Properties feature previously was part of the U2U SharePoint Solution Package. If you installed this solution, you will have to retract and delete this solution before you can install the new solution. The other features like U2U CAML Query Builder and U2U List Properties will be available soon in separate solutions.

Update 5/10/2007: you can download a new copy solving problems with the Event Receivers and the SPModulePropertyBag.