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BCS presentation at Techdays Belgium

Last thursday I did a presentation at the Belgium Techdays in Antwerp. My session focussed on the Business Connectivity Service in SharePoint 2010. With the Business Connectivity Service you can integrate external data in the SharePoint and Office user experience. With the new powerfull .NET Assembly connector, you're now able to write code to do the read/write operations. I've promised the attendees to upload the demos I've showed at the event. So below you can find the Twitter BCS Model I've created and the Excel integration. If you are experiencing problems with the BCSSync.exe service which runs client side, make sure to install the correct version of Sql Server Compact x64:


Thanks to all of you who have attended my session, see you next time.

Lieven Iliano


Techdays_Lieven_Iliano_BCS.zip (417,53 kb)

5 things SQL Server does different from what many developers expect

That’s what I will talk about tomorrow at Techdays Belgium. I notice in my courses that many developers are sometimes still surprised with the way SQL Server responds to transactions, or try-catch blocks, or the way it handles stored procedures, indexes and statistics. So if you’re at Techdays, come by and see whether SQL Server still has surprises for you, or maybe we meet at the U2U booth. You can find the T-SQL code and slides I will use at http://www.u2u.be/res/Nico.aspx#Presentations.