Look Mom, I’m on the Tablet Show

People that know me will definitely confirm that I’m a silent, modest person, always trying to keep a low profile . Last week, however, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell from the Tablet show pulled me way out of my comfort zone to produce a podcast on the development of enterprise application... [More]

Using Dynamic XAML in Windows 8 Metro

This article describes how the Windows 8 Metro Consumer Preview deals with three standard ways of dynamically applying a look-and-feel to XAML controls. When working in Metro with XAML and data, you will want to maximally leverage the data binding capabilities of the platform fro... [More]

Creating updatable Live Tiles from A to Z (part 1)

Something I haven’t found on the webs, is a nice overview of how to create updatable live tiles. Sure, you can gather all the data, but all the do’s and gotcha’s in one article would be nice. So I decided to get everything together myself. OK: here’s the scenario. We need an app that visually show... [More]