Apple for Microsofties 1/2

In September 2015 I did a short presentation about Apple for developers in the Microsoft ecosystem. Here's a rough transcript of what I said  a couple more reflections on what makes Apple different.In the nineties Apple became famous because of the "Think Different" ad campaign. Today Apple's not "different" : they're solidly mainstream & in the right places (colleges, coworking spaces) even their weakest product, the Mac, will outcrowd Microsoft-based PC's.

Apple is now where Microsoft was in the late nineties: king of the (consumer) world. So let's have a look at who the Apple user is & who is Apple.

Who is the Apple User?

  • She's rich. iPhone users tend to frequent more affluent areas of cities. Think San Francisco vs. Oakland, Newark vs. Manhattan.
  • Far more likely to spend money on apps, especially when compared to users who live in an ecosystem where free is the norm (think Android, Windows Phone).
  • Blindly Loyal. "I can't imagine having a different type of phone" is something 78% of iPhone users say.
  • Happy. Tim Cook's top metric is "customer satisfaction" & Apple has been consistently topping the charts.
  • Apple appeals to women in a world where tech is still predominantly male. So does the launch of fashion-centric Apple Watch still surprise you?

Who is Apple?