Copying items from another List

Is there a way to import or copy items from a particular list en past them into another list? I haven't found functionality in SharePoint to do so, but I have a little work around for it.

Let me start by giving you the scenario. Say we have a colleagues list, based on the contacts template, and we fill it up with people I LOVE ( J ) to work with, which are them all so I hope I didn't forgot one.

And we have an empty custom list which we call friends, because my colleagues are also my friends, with 2 columns (Firstname of friend and lastname of friend).

How can we copy or insert the names of the colleagues list into the friends list. Well we can copy them from the datasheet view:

Next thing to do is, paste them in the Datasheet view of the friends list:

When you paste them you could get a warning if one of the other fields is a required field. After pasting them go back to the normal or standard view:


And there you go:

Hope you like this one as I do.