PaintDotNetEffects updated for Paint.NET 3.30

My framework for Paint.NET effects, and the 13 effects, have been updated for Paint.NET 3.30.

You'll need Paint.NET 3.30 Beta 2 for these to work.

What's new:

  • Drop Shadow effect now has a color picker, as have the duotone and monochrome adjustments
  • The behavior of the sliders in several effect dialogs has been improved
  • The framework has support for some of the new features of Paint.NET 3.30
  • The icon for the Drop Shadow is back to the white circle (not that it really matters, but anyway)

Download the latest version, with full source code, from my download page.

Effects per DLL:

  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.dll: You allways need this dll. It includes the framework used by the other dll's.
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Blurs.dll: "Average Blur" and "Smart Blur" effects, under the Blurs effect menu.
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadow.dll: The "Drop Shadow" effect, under the Stylize effect menu. With offset, widening, blur and a color picker.
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Duotones.dll: "Duotone Light" and "Duotone Ink on Paper" adjustments. Two color pickers for each.
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.FadeEdge.dll: "Fade Edge" effect, under the Photo effect menu.
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Monochromes.dll: "Cyanotype", "Sepia 2", "Grayscale on Colored Paper" and "Monochrome Ink on Paper" adjustments. Did I mention the color pickers yet?
  • Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Samples.dll: You probably don't want these, unless you're looking at the source code. "Darken", "Lighten" and "Negative" adjustments.