Installing VS2010 Beta 2

So I’ve installed VS2010 today. Installation went quite well but you might want to uninstall the Silverlight 3 SDK because that gave an issue on my machine. The VS logo has changed colors: Usual license stuff… 5.6 Gb on disk required… And there we go… This took about half an hour on my ... [More]

who is going to teched in Berlin?

I am looking forward going to TechEd in Berlin this year. Not only because of TechEd, but also because of the celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you’re also going, I hope to see you there! U2U, the company I work for, will give a free TechEd ticket to the first two bookers of a new trai... [More]

Problem running the WCF 4 DiscoveryProxy sample

Today I was playing around with managed WS-discovery with WCF 4. To try a couple of things I used the WCF sample DiscoveryProxy. However running the sample gave me this error: {"A TCP error (10013: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions) occurred w... [More]

Renaming a Workflow foundation 4 service

Workflow Foundation allows you to create a workflow as a service using WCF. You can do this by choosing a “Declarative Sequential Service Library” project from the WCF tab: This will (as usual) create a new project with the service declared in Service1.xamlx. Opening this file will open the work... [More]

Using T4 to automatically generate your entities

*** This is a repost of a previous post because of moving to a new blog engine in which some formatting was lost *** Today I discovered something very interesting, namely how to automatically generate my entity classes (classes that also implement the INotifyPropertyChanged and IDataErrorInfo inter... [More]

Serializing Cyclic Graphs of objects with WCF

*** This is a repost of a previous post because of moving to a new blog engine in which some formatting was lost *** Abstract In this blog post I will be discussing how the serialize cyclic graphs of objects using WCF, including data contracts and POCO’s ( Plain Old CLR Objects). Introduction WC... [More]

Welcome to our new blog engine!!

Look at this great new blog engine built by my good colleagues Lieven Iliano and Kevin DeRudder. Even more reason to keep up blogging! Great work! Now let’s hope Lieven will start bloggin’ too!