Belgian TechDays @ MetroPolis

Yesterday was the start of the three day TechDays from Microsoft. Yesterday and today I was involved in the keynote where we presented CycleTracks, an application to illustrate the power of WPF and Silverlight, and as an example of how you can build a new kind of user interface. It was a lot of fun to build and I’d like to share it.

This application takes the output of the Garmin Cycle GPS, and displays the route on live maps, and at the same time displays the heart rate, also from the Garmin.

My part was building the WPF application, and I’ve written a short article, including the code, about this app.

You can find it here

IMPORTANT: I noticed that the original .zip missed a couple of files, so I’ve fixed this. Also the project uses XCeed components. If you want to run the demo, first make a copy of the CycleTracks.exe file, which is a working copy. I couldn’t leave the license in the source, so after compiling, the demo won’t work any more.