Dear Apple, dear Microsoft

Dear Big non-EU Company,

Just so you would know, Belgium is a country where people speak three (YES THREE) different languages, Dutch, French and German. Most of us even speak two of these fluently, and a lot of us understand English to some degree.

Is it so hard for you to learn that, if you present a legal form, you should present it not only in French, but also in Dutch and German. I am sick of registering to find only one language present. I'm not capable of understanding the legal language used in these 'terms' in my motherlanguage, so surely not in any other language. Or sending mailings only in French, not Dutch nor German. I really don't understand this consistent option of taking French, because the majority in Belgium speaks Dutch. Skype is really good at this, if you visit their home page, you get automatically redirected to their french page. Luckily in this case you can change afterward, but ask first, then redirect! Don't get me wrong, I respect all languages and cultures.

I think this is a lack of respect for your customers, and I think you should consider looking into this matter.


Peter Himschoot

This post is being triggered by yet another "international" company that believes everyone in Belgium speaks French, and I know this company has representatives in Belgium, so they CAN and SHOULD know.

P.S.: This post is my personal opinion, and should in no way be seen as representing the company I work for. This means you should not refer to this post saying U2U anywhere, use my name...