A core MVVM framework for WinRT

This article presents a core MVVM framework for building Metro applications on the WinRT runtime. With the WinRT runtime, Microsoft launched its fourth XAML-based platform - after WPf, Silverlight, and the Windows Phone. It's the fourth time they strongly advice development teams all over the world... [More]

File IO in Windows 8

Let’s leave Windows Phone for a moment, and let’s have a look at Windows 8. Recently the U2U-team was present at the Microsoft Build-convention in Anaheim, California, where Microsoft unveiled Windows 8. Now, what we saw is still just a preview, but it clearly shows the direction in which Windows is... [More]

Metro Style Applications and MVVM

When working with windows 8 on a tablet, you quickly notice the different ways a user can interact with your application. Your application can control the full screen, both in landscape or portrait, or can share the screen with an other application. Basically, there are four modes your application w... [More]