WWDC14 for non-developers (Part 2: The Apple Design Process)

In this post I will highlight the most interesting WWDC14 sessions videos for non-developers. There were a surprisingly high number of session about design & UX that were totally accessible even if you're not a developer. You should obviously start with the Keynote, watch it before continuing wi... [More]

Identities in the Cloud @ ITPROceed

A few days ago, I presented a session on Identities in the Cloud at ITPROceed. I talked about the options in Windows Azure Active Directory to create and manage users: Microsoft Online IDs, Directory Synchronization and Federation.For those of you that are interested in the presentation, you can dow... [More]

Post-WWDC 2014 Indoor Location Roundup

"So where exactly are you again in this crowd? Precise indoor geolocation will make finding people and places in crowded spaces like events or concerts a lot easier." (Photo Creative Commons by Marc Nijdam)If you're interested in Internet-Of-Things & the interplay between people, devices & l... [More]

WWDC14 for non-developers (Part 1: Overview)

https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2014/It's a pretty exciting time to be a developer for the Apple ecosystem. Apple announced many major changes at WWDC last week & most of us developers are still digesting it all. 4000 new APIs in IOS8 alone. A new programming language. A whole slew of co... [More]

Apple's Summer of Code is silent no more.

(Image Creative Commons by Brian Brantner)This is the first post in a series about development for the Apple Ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iSomething?). This blog is geared towards non-developers who are still interested in creating apps . "Product manager, startup entrepreneur, just-a-guy-or-girl-w... [More]

ADAL at Techorama

At Techorama I gave a presentation about Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL) and how you can easily use these to add authentication to your mobile apps.The session slides can be found hereADAL.pptx (1.2MB)