Generate sequence diagrams with Visual studio 2010

Cool! I’ve just discovered this new feature in Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2) where you can generate a sequence diagram from your code. This should take the hard bit out of generating documentation from your code :) Here’s a screen shot: The only thing you need to to is to point to the method you want to see a sequence diagram for, right-click and choose Generate Sequence Diagram… Then Visual Studio will ask you how deep you want to go, which classes/methods to include in the sequence diagram: And then you can start making changes to the diagram: Nice!

Installing VS2010 Beta 2

So I’ve installed VS2010 today. Installation went quite well but you might want to uninstall the Silverlight 3 SDK because that gave an issue on my machine. The VS logo has changed colors: Usual license stuff… 5.6 Gb on disk required… And there we go… This took about half an hour on my machine. Please note that I first expanded the .iso to a directory. Doing this on an external disk might speed things up… Sharepoint developers: look at this! And for the Silverlight people, yes, we can now do drag&drop databinding using the data sources window:

Strange but true: using a keyword as a variable

Can you use a keyword as an argument, or any other kind of local variable? Why would you want to do that? That aside: how? Easy! Just use the @ in front of any keyword and you can now use it as a variable. For example: class Program {   static void UsingKeywordArg(string @string)   {     Console.WriteLine(@string);   }     static void Main(string[] args)   {     UsingKeywordArg("Hello world");   } }   I found this while digging through some generated code from workflow foundation 4. Cool!