5 times 3 in 2007

Yeah, Jan thinks his blog isn't read anymore. Luckily there are things like Technorati and RSS Feeds that keep you informed when he wakes up  :)

Okay, here we go...

3 artists I (re)discovered this year:

  • Amy Whinehouse: I think she has one of the most beautiful voices. I hope to see her live on stage in the near future.
  • Foo Fighters: They have a fantastic new album!
  • Mega Mindy

3 stupid things I did in 2007:

  • I had a really really really stupid idea for a joke at TechEd Barcelona, for which I still am very very very sorry. I'm sure this one counts for three...

3 things I won't forget:

  • My beautiful 3 years old daughter dancing on "Butterflies & Hurricanes" of Muse, telling me that it's such a great music (she heard this song almost every day when I was pregnant of her).
  • My wonderful son saying "mama" for the first time
  • my stupid stupid stupid joke

3 things I'm proud of:

  • I still continue developing my CAML Query Builder feature, for which I get a lot of credit.
  • In september I started working on a Silverlight/SharePoint integration project. It's not yet published but we already got some very positive feedback.
  • When working I sometimes forget that I'm a mum of 2 small kids. I hope they can forgive me the hours I spent behind my pc. In the summer months I took 6 weeks off to spent time with my kids. We had a fantastic time together so I will continue doing this the coming years.

3 things I bought or received:

  • I received a fantastic present for my birthday from my husband (but I'm not going to tell you what).
  • I received a mail from the most far away part of the world.
  • I received an error that crashed the core of my feature when the second version of my CAML Query Builder feature was in a final stage.

3 people who will get this stick (this way I can check that they really read my blog, as they say they do... ;) ):


Serge Luca

Stefaan Rillaert (I suppose he will soon restart blogging because he starts working on an interesting project between two slides on his ass somewhere in the North of Europe)

Have fun and keep up the good work in 2008!