Chapter 3 (Search) Published as Sample Chapter

One of my favorite chapters out of the Inside MOSS 2007 (MSPress) book has been published in two parts on the MSDN site. It's all about search. Search is a very interesting topic and there are a lot of new options for developers. Just to name a few of them:

  • There is the new search administration object model
  • The Search Center can be customized in many ways (although we still have to deal with the hidden object executing the search query)
  • We have new classes in the OM to execute queries programmatically
  • And don't forget the possibility to create your own custom security trimmers.

I tried to cover all of this in my chapter but it deserves definitely a complete book. And that's what my next project will be: a new MSPress book totally focused on MOSS 2007 search. I am very pleased to have a co-author for this one. Lars Fastrup (the Ontolica guy) agreed to take part in this new adventure. Together we hope to finish the book by the end of the year.

Where am I this week? I am in beautiful Iceland. It is my first time here and I already love the place a lot. Flying into Reykjavik at 2 AM in the morning is quite an amazing experience (definitely when it still is daylight). This is also the country of Björk, one of my favorite female artists.