Creating a SharePoint Web Part that hosts a data binding Silverlight 2 application

Recently I wrote an article for an online SharePoint magazine. It’s about hosting a Silverlight 2 beta 2 application in a a SharePoint web part. You can also read the article on the U2U web site.

It is a tutorial in which I explain how you can host a Silverlight 2 beta 2 application from within a SharePoint Web Part. The Web Part will pass the URL of the SharePoint site together with the name of the list for which the Silverlight application will show the data. The retrieval of the data will be done by the Silverlight application using the HttpWebRequest technique for calling the SharePoint web services. As the SharePoint web services return a chunk of XML the XML will be handled by using LINQ for XML. The data will be bound to the Silverlight controls.

By clicking one of the products you can view its details and update the list price. The modified price is stored in the SharePoint list using the HttpWebRequest technique that calls the UpdateListItems method of the Lists.asmx.

Adventureworks listbox

You can download the source code and the sample list templates here.

As we will soon start upgrading the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint to Silverlight RTM, this sample will also be upgraded in the coming weeks.