Croatia WinDays

I had a great time here in Opatija (Croatia). WinDays is really a great and unique conference; unique in the sense that there are many parallel sessions scattered across 5 or 6 hotels here in this city. So, as a participant you are forced to go outside, enjoy the sun, the sea, the many bars and then must enter another hotel for another session. Life is though for a conference attendee J

One session on Web Content Management in MOSS 2007 and one closing keynote on Leveraging MOSS 2007 as a platform, that was my participation here. Oh boy, I was so lucky to do this last session in the most beautiful room I have ever done a session. All the buildings here in Opatija are very nice btw, many built by the Austrians for who this was a nice place to relax (oh yes it is J).

Next one is Cyprus.