Looking back at a great week down under

I am back at home after a 26 hour journey (of which 22 hours in a plane). This time, I saw all the bags nicely moving around on the belt in the airport. No surprises this time. On my way home in Sydney airport, I picked up a copy of 'Down Under' written by Bill Bryson. Love the author. He has great humor and very often laughed while reading the book also recognizing plenty of things he writes about the Aussies. Australia has always attracted me. When my wife and I just got married (we decided to marry after 5 years living together because we wanted money for a trip to Australia), we were making plans of moving to Australia and starting a new life there. Due to many reasons, we did not pursue with that plan but the idea and the feelings are not quite gone. It was a surprise when on day two of the training last week someone started speaking Dutch to me. When I overlooked my group the first day, I knew that I met him in the past. So we did (he is actually also an IM buddy). Tijn worked at Macaw and decided recently to move to Sydney with his girlfriend. That's the way to go! Wish you all the best there down under Tijn. I am pretty sure the Aussies will take good care of you. I had a fantastic group of 25 people. As a trainer you know that you are going to have a good week when at the start there is what I call a magic connection between you and your students. Can't explain the magic connection but I know if it happens, it gives a good feeling and the rest of the week the training is a lot more fun. (Not having a connection does not mean however that there is no fun, it is just different)

I promised all attendees also something. The stuff to download is available in the place I mentioned at the end of the course. If you don't remember it, send me an email. Thanks also to the Readify people for a great organization of the course.