Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Photos from the Antartic Trip

I am back into the real world after a wonderful trip to the Antartic. This was definitely one of the most exciting experiences in my life and I am certain to redo it within the coming years. There is way to much I want to write down here and maybe I'll do so in the coming days but for now I'll give you some impressions about what Fitz and I went through the previous 15 days. This is also of course the opportunity to wish you all the best for the next year. For me 2007 was a great year with many trips and many new friends who I've met. Thanks all and hopefully we'll see each other for a couple of beers in 2008!

Antartica 062

It was awesome to see the first icebergs after a rough journey over the Drake Passage. Those sea-sickness pills definitely were needed the first two days.

Antartica 032

Pinguins everywhere. Lovely creatures and very funny!

Antartica 088a

He was definitely the proudest of all.

Antartica 325

Resting on the final continent.

Antartica 331

And I guess it was the first time a Microsoft flag was raised on the Antartic :)


Our boat, the Orlova, was our home for about 10 days.


Whale spotting...


And wonderful Zodiac cruises...