OBA Workshop at World Partner Conference in Denver

Friday evening I flew from Iceland directly to mile high city of Denver. I am delivering a three-day developer-focused workshop teaching participants the different techniques of building business applications on top of the 2007 Microsoft Office platform. Yesterday we covered the options for extending the clients, today is all about the WSS 3.0 solutions platform and tomorrow we'll cover the additional options when you have MOSS up-and-running within your server farm. Three days is of course way to short to deliver this but it is meant to be a jumpstart for further study and exploration. I like to teach this workshop since it is based on the ascend training Ted and I created 2 years ago updated with OBA topics and plenty of new lab material. I will redeliver this training in the UK the week of the 17th of September and probably additional ones in EMEA in the fall. The only unfortunate thing is that I have to teach in the weekend. Tuesday I leave back to Belgium to make sure I can pick up the second part Wednesday afternoon of the U2U advanced SharePoint developer training. I think after that (14 days in a row of teaching), I'll be ready for my vacation in Cyprus. Ah.. sun, sea and ouzo… looking forward to that one!