Recycling Application Pools in Windows Server 2008

Done it finally: formatted my HP Compaq 8510p and installed Windows Server 2008 64-bit.  I did not have any real problems configuring the system to run MOSS 2007 Enterprise, Visual Studio 2008 and the Office products. Had some problems with the wireless but that was my own stupid fault. You need to add the Wireless feature to the server manager. Nice to see that the OS also starts working heavily with features :). A bit of a disappointment is the no-go for doing a standby of your laptop after you have installed hyper-v. Means that I need to be 5 minutes earlier in the classroom to have my machine booted!

Most of the tools (except the Extensions for WSS) work as a charm. Of course, there are a couple of interesting changes. For example, one of the last lines in my little batch files for the deployment and testing of the dev work is very often the call to the iisapp.vbs to recycle a specific application pool. When you run on Windows Server 2008, that one is not available anymore. After a quick G-search I found what I have to include from now on. Here is the line to recycle an application pool (looks cleaner don't you think?):

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe recycle apppool "sp pool"