Silverlight BluePrint for SharePoint back alive!

I'll spare you the details but we are back alive with the downloads for the BluePrint. Before you get started download the beta 1 from this place: And don't forget to have a read through the SDK.

Before the samples will run on your SharePoint enabled IIS Web applications, you have to register the XAP extension as a new MIME type (application/x-silverlight-2-b1). Don't forget that one!

I am going to regret what I am writing now, but in exchange for a beer, I'll be available for help if you needed with the samples. Drop me an email: and I'll see what I can do for ya.

Now off to the conference again...

Oh btw, we'll update the download packages shortly to reflect the name change that occured the very recently. No worries if you are downloading the stuff now. I just made sure that all is now displayed as Silverlight BluePrint for SharePoint and not the reverse.