Speaking @ the UK SharePoint User Group Meeting

17th and 18th of September, I'll be in Reading (UK) delivering the Office Business Applications TTT workshop for Microsoft UK. With the upcoming release of the new version of the Visual Tools for Office ("Orcas"), the idea of building business applications upon the Office and WSS platform is going to be much more easier and appealing to .NET developers. Remember smile_regular : both are rich and powerful development platforms and that is exactly what we will cover during the workshop.

Nick Swan invited me also, while I am there, to deliver a presentation at the next UK SharePoint User Group Meeting. Being myself involved in the Belgian Information Worker User Group, I was more than happy to do this. And I'll be sure there will be a couple of beers afterwards - and this I cannot say no to!

So, if you are living in the UK (near Reading), have a look here and register for the meeting. I'll show you plenty of OBAAAAaaaa stuff!