Talk for the Norwegian .NET User Group

Next week I am delivering a SharePoint dev course in Stavanger (Norway) and am invited to give a session on Thursday for the Norwegian .NET user group. It is basically going to be a repeat of the session I gave on the past Developer and IT-Pro days here in Belgium:

Building Web Parts for SharePoint

Topics covered

- Building essentials
- Deploying and advertising Web Parts
- Return of SmartPart (hosting user controls as Web Parts)
- AJAX-enabled Web Parts
- Connectable Web Parts
- Packaging Web Parts in SharePoint Solutions
- Deploying and Maintaining SharePoint Solutions


So, if you are a .NET developer and interested in learning how to use your ASP.NET skills to build stuff for SharePoint, register yourself on their site. It is going to be fun. And we'll have a couple of beers afterwards J.

As already said, don't hesitate to send me requests for this type of events. Next trips are Zurich, Stockholm, Sydney and Iceland.