This is a good day to start a blog!

Hi Folks!

When my second version of the U2U CAML Query Builder was released a lot of people asked me to start blogging. But at that moment I was pregnant of my second child with the first one not yet 2 years old.

Now it is a better time to start blogging: the children sleep a little longer in the morning - not that much longer, but so what, I wake up a little earlier ;) -  giving me some free time to study my favorite subject: SharePoint 2007.

And that 's what this blog will be about: SharePoint 2007, more specific on CAML, the SharePoint web services, and perhaps peppered with some Business Data Catalog or salted with a breeze of Content Management.

Let me finish this intro with a part of a song of one of my favorite bands:

Hey - let me welcome you ladies and gentlemen
I would like to say hello
Are you ready for some entertainment?
Are you ready for a show?
Gonna rock you gonna roll you
Get you dancing in the aisles
Jazz you razzmatazz you
With a little bit of style
Let me entertain you!

Hope to see you soon on this blog!