PRISM in 600 seconds

Welcome to the lean, mean, no Vicodin, U2U Consult PRISM machine. (595 seconds left.) CompositeWPF, or Composite Application Guidance (CAG) including Composite Application Library (CAL) is still commonly referred to as PRISM. The software component -CAL- extends Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)... [More]

MEF in 300 seconds

The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is the .NET framework for building applications that are extensible with external plugins after being deployed. I already hear you thinking: "D'oh! Not yet another Reflection slash Inversion of Control slash Composition framework ?" And yes, that's what it i... [More]

Analysis Services documenter

Good news for those of you who are using our Analysis Services documenter tool: we just added a new feature. If you generate HTML documentation from a cube, then in the ‘full documentation mode’, the MDX script of your cube will be scripted as well into a bulleted list (one calculated member, named ... [More]