SQL Spatial Tools: Map Projections

SQL Server Spatial Tools on CodePlex contains useful extra functions for the SqlGeometry and SqlGeography data types, as well as a new data type for affine transformations (to scale, translate, and rotate) and a handful of Map Projections. This article describes how to use these projections and visu... [More]

An Office WPF Ribbon Control Walkthrough

The Microsoft WPF Ribbon control is a free control that brings the Office 2007 Ribbon features to your WPF applications. To get your hands on it, just follow the instructions on CodePlex. This article walks through the Ribbon features. I simply built "NotePad with a Ribbon". Here's how it looks like... [More]

Charting with WPF and Silverlight

Sometimes we need to decorate our WPF or Silverlight applications with things like bar charts or pie charts. There's no need to create these from scratch, since a lot of charting solutions are available, some of which are free while other are ... less free. On CodePlex you find the Silverlight Toolk... [More]

Validation in a WPF DataGrid

In this article I will describe two options to implement validation on the cells and rows of a WPF DataGrid. On the architectural level you have indeed (at least) two options when it comes to validation. You can decide to validate through independent reusable logic captured in ValidationRules, or yo... [More]

A minimalistic template for an editable WPF DataGrid

By default, a WPF DataGrid operates in its birthday suit, with no decorations at all. For your end user this is not intuitive, so you should provide some fig-leafs here and there. In my humble opinion, at least two rows should be easily identifiable in any editable grid: the 'new' row (gener... [More]

Workaround: WPF DataGrid hangs Visual Studio.NET

Welcome to a WPF DataGrid crash course ... literally. It will show you how Cider can give you a hangover.  It took me 45 minutes, 10 process kills, and a full reboot to figure out what was going on in my application, so I gladly share my experience.  Part one: the bug Create a WPF Form w... [More]

Inserting, Updating, and Deleting from a WPF DataGrid

You already know how easy it is to implement databinding in the WPF DataGrid from a previous article. Let's dive just a little bit deeper, and decorate this application with the code to trigger insert-, update- and delete-calls against the underlying Model and/or Data Access Layer. I'll stick t... [More]

Codeless two-way data binding to a WPF DataGrid

WPF 4.0 will finally contain a DataGrid. If you can't wait for that one, then all you have to do is download the current release of the WPF Toolkit. The DataGrid control in this toolkit is considered as stable, so why not give it a test drive? Let's create a list  of Formula 1 Drivers and two-w... [More]