Arturo Toledo @ BESUG

Yesterday we had our session with Arturo Toledo. It was great, nice topics and a good speaker (thank you very much Arturo) who took time to answer questions from the audience. Arturo talked about Sketchflow, Behaviors and Controls in Silverlight and Blend 3. He did this so passionate that I even st... [More]

Silverlight 4 is beta

Woohoow, again a new great time to be a silverlight developer. Silverlight 4 beta has been announced on PDC 2009 this week. Have a look at the keynote from the moment you have time, click here To get started with Silverlight 4, go and see the get started page on the silverlight site: http://silv... [More]

.NET Ria services

Don’t forget the .net ria services on thursday. see In this session, you will get an impression of what RIA Services are and how you can use them together with a Silverlight 3 application. A variety of topics will be covered by Kevin Dockx. See you on thursday ….

Extensions to get attribute information

Checking attributes on classes can be done by getting the type of the class and executing GetCustomAttributes() on it. You just need to iterate over the resulting object[] to find what you are interested in. To simplify this a bit more, I wrote a couple of extension methods : static public cla... [More]