Webcast on Parallel Computing

A couple of weeks ago, I did a webcast on Parallel Computing available on channel9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/adebruyn/MSDN-Live-Meeting-Visual-Studio-2010-and-NET-4-Update The presentation can  be downloaded at : ParallelComputing.pdf In addition, you can also download my demos  ... [More]

WCF Streaming

1. Configuring and Tracing WCF can send messages in buffered mode and in streaming mode. The default is buffered mode, which means that the whole message needs to be transfered and received before the client can start processing it. When messages get too large to be send as one big blob and when t... [More]

AZURE Roadshow at HOWEST - demos

Last week, I did a presentation on Windows Azure at HOWEST, University College West Flanders. As promised, my hands-on-labs of this session. 1. A file archive application to upload/download files into a database in the cloud.  This application consists out of a webpage (UploadFile.aspx) to upl... [More]

Multiple Silverlight controls in 1 XAP

Basically, when you are creating a website with 2 Silverlight contols, you need to have 2 xap files in your ClientBin folder. It would be better if you could have 1 xap file but you decide which usercontrol you want to see. A solution could be using InitParams in the object tag in your HTML file: ... [More]

IErrorHandler: A generic Fault Converter (2/2)

My previous post IErrorHandler: A generic Fault Converter (1/2) describes how to build an ErrorHandler for WCF. The challenge is now to write a generic ErrorHander which can be configured to automatically convert exceptions into faults based upon a pre-defined list of converter methods. Converting a... [More]

MSDN event: Firestarter

For those who wants to be ahead of the game, but do not have time to see events, msdn firestarter is the solution to your problem. This site offers you free webcasts talking about Microsoft technologies such as:   ASP.NET MVC   Silverlight   Windows 7   … So w... [More]

Using XML with VB.NET 9.0

Today, during a Live session @ Microsoft,  I talked about how you can use VB.NET 9.0 XML Literals to parse, create XML documents. As promised, I’ve uploaded the demo’s and the slides to my skydrive, which you can find here. Note that the session was in dutch, but the demos were in english In... [More]

Besug new years drink

For those who forgot it, tonight Frederik and I invite for our Silverlight user group new years drink. Please check the besug site for more details. There will be some silverlight, geek or normal talking with a glass of beer, wine or whatever you like, which is totally for free. K.

Best Practices at the SQL Server Day

Often its more appealing to avoid problems than to solve problems after they occurred. One type of prevention is by working with best practices: rules of thumb that worldwide or just within your company have been tried, tested and refined. The problem often is: how can we inspect that our systems, u... [More]