Las Vegas MIX’ing at Microsoft together with BESUG

MIX 2010 must be one of the best events Microsoft organizes for web folks. Since not everyone can make it to Las Vegas for this we at Microsoft Belgium together with the Belgian Silverlight User Group have a solution for you. We will organize a live keynote streaming on a big screen in a cool Vegas ... [More]

Multiple Silverlight controls in 1 XAP

Basically, when you are creating a website with 2 Silverlight contols, you need to have 2 xap files in your ClientBin folder. It would be better if you could have 1 xap file but you decide which usercontrol you want to see. A solution could be using InitParams in the object tag in your HTML file: ... [More]

MSDN event: Firestarter

For those who wants to be ahead of the game, but do not have time to see events, msdn firestarter is the solution to your problem. This site offers you free webcasts talking about Microsoft technologies such as:   ASP.NET MVC   Silverlight   Windows 7   … So w... [More]

Using XML with VB.NET 9.0

Today, during a Live session @ Microsoft,  I talked about how you can use VB.NET 9.0 XML Literals to parse, create XML documents. As promised, I’ve uploaded the demo’s and the slides to my skydrive, which you can find here. Note that the session was in dutch, but the demos were in english In... [More]

Besug new years drink

For those who forgot it, tonight Frederik and I invite for our Silverlight user group new years drink. Please check the besug site for more details. There will be some silverlight, geek or normal talking with a glass of beer, wine or whatever you like, which is totally for free. K.

Arturo Toledo @ BESUG

Yesterday we had our session with Arturo Toledo. It was great, nice topics and a good speaker (thank you very much Arturo) who took time to answer questions from the audience. Arturo talked about Sketchflow, Behaviors and Controls in Silverlight and Blend 3. He did this so passionate that I even st... [More]

Silverlight 4 is beta

Woohoow, again a new great time to be a silverlight developer. Silverlight 4 beta has been announced on PDC 2009 this week. Have a look at the keynote from the moment you have time, click here To get started with Silverlight 4, go and see the get started page on the silverlight site: http://silv... [More]

.NET Ria services

Don’t forget the .net ria services on thursday. see In this session, you will get an impression of what RIA Services are and how you can use them together with a Silverlight 3 application. A variety of topics will be covered by Kevin Dockx. See you on thursday ….