Holidays in Cyprus

For the first time, we've spent our summer holidays in the new house (see red square beneath) in Moutagiaka, a small suburb of Limassol (Cyprus).

The house is in a complex with about 15 houses around a central swimming pool. Most of the residents use it as a holiday house (as we do) but there are one or two local people who bought one of the houses.

The girls of course love the swimming pool, the many beautiful beaches and the shopping in Limassol. This year however was a bit too hot for most of us (every day > 40°). Even the local people were complaining about the heat and humidity.

But in the evening things got better and we had a lot of fun.

Take for example my youngest Laura who is a big fan of Verka Serduchka and demonstrated this at a wedding we attended.

And I had a good time with my friend Lycourgos.

Hope to return very soon J