New U2U Download: Developer Info for Lists Feature

In the world of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, the whole concept of Features is super important. I am happy to see the U2U consultants making sure that all of the stuff they build ultimately is packaged as a collection of Features and further on for deployment as a SharePoint solution. If you are not familiar with these concepts have a look at this two-part article, read Ted's book, or follow one of the U2U's SharePoint development courses.

Karine, the CAML girl, has found the time to work out a nice little Feature that lights-up the list settings page with an additional hyperlink letting you jump to a page showing all of the details for the list a developer is interested in. I know I'll use a lot within my courses and my development work. The Feature is available for download over here. Read also Karine's posting on it.