On Wednesday evening my best friend Patrick Tisseghem passed away, 1 year and one month after his friend David Boschmans. At this very moment I still cannot believe it. He still had so many plans.

Patrick, I’m so glad I had the chance to know you. Ten years ago you were only a hero speaking at small conferences but since the day we met in person, we became friends, good friends and it felt like we knew each other for ever. We could share everything: good feelings, bad feelings. Whenever I had a problem or a dip, I always turned to you and you were always there to help me out. I consider myself lucky that I was able to return you the favor on many occasions. Even when you were abroad we talked every single day. Thanks to you I achieved things that I never dared dream of.

Dearest friend, since the day we met I've always followed your trail. You were my guide I trusted unconditionally. But your trail doesn’t stop here. You will always be my guiding light. You will always be on my mind.

You will last forever.