Silverlight BluePrint for SharePoint

Finally the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint kit is out! It is released today and will be presented this week at MIX in Las Vegas and at the SharePoint Developers Conference in Seattle.

To make you a little curious, here is a screenshot of one of the samples:


You can take a look at the samples here but you will need Silverlight 2.0 installed. Yes,this means that all samples are developed with Silverlight 2.0. You can download the source code and documentation of the different samples.

The kit does not only explain how to develop web parts, but first of all, how to configure SharePoint so that it can host Silverlight applications, and even how to develop custom fields and application pages.

But my favorite one is the slider control: it's a custom field that you can use in surveys for example:


The silverlight slider looks as follows in your survey:


Silverlight is beautiful on its own but it really rocks in combination with SharePoint! I'm convinced that it can be very useful within SharePoint.

Have fun with it!