CRM Resources-R-us - Part III: Using Dynamics CRM

And we continue with yet another part of the long list of resources. This time all related to using Dynamics CRM.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 User's Guide (Document - Microsoft)
  • Microsoft CRM 4.0 User Handbook (Site - Redware)
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Site - Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center Video (Video - Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Resource Center (Site - Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center (Site - Microsoft)
  • Main Microsoft Dynamics CRM site (Site - Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums (Site - Microsoft)

  • Dynamics CRM Online Video Gallery (Site– | Microsoft)
    These videos will introduce you to Microsoft CRM Online functions and capabilities. Here is the list of videos related to using Dynamics CRM:

    After every link I mentioned the type of resource and the source. The descriptions below the links are taken from the actual resource. They are not my personal opinion or comments. ;)

    Coming up in the next part (part IV):: Administration / Management

    In these series:
    Part I: Introducing Dynamics CRM
    Part II: Demos, Show Cases and Case Studies
    Part III: Using Dynamics CRM (this part)
    Part IV: Admin, Management and Deployment
    Part V: Extensibility & Development
    Part VI: Tools & Add-ons
    Part VII: The Bits